"We have been so fortunate to have Malvine Giesbrecht from Synery Interior Design as the interior design consultant of Bliss Dental. The results were beyond our expectations. her years of experience, unique sense of style & sophistication has given her the innate ability to understand the client's tastes & needs. unfailingly, she adds a personal touch to every project she undertakes – that speaks volumes to her commitment."

Dr. Kaur, Bliss Dental

"Customer response to the new Henderson Library has been overwhelmingly positive. Our regulars tend to walk in (on their first visit) with their mouths open in amazement and we are getting used to hearing "beautiful", "amazing", or "wow"! I've had several customers thank me (as if I'd done the reno myself) personally for the new branch. This is a great feeling, especially compared to the response we used to get pre-April 26 ...

So – congratulations, the branch has been a hit."

Ed Cuddy, Library Branch Manager

"Malvine is a consummate professional in her craft, knowledgeable, creative, energetic, and reliable. She is an exceptional team player who respects all other team members and works to support them – making the whole greater than the sum. If it sounds overly flattering, it is intentional and appropriate."

Neil Cooper, M.ARCH. M.AA., A.A.A.

"We purchased our home 42 years ago and our main bathroom was beginning to show it’s age. We had watched some renovations and knew there were better choices. We definitely didn’t want a cover up job nor something that wasn’t properly finished.

We engaged Malvine whom I have known for many years and had seen some of the design work that she had done. The plans that she prepared not only upgraded our bathroom but, on her suggestion, we expanded upon the existing space to add to the shower area and make more efficient use of the linen and general use closets adjacent to the bathroom.  From choices in materials and features that Malvine presented we were able to have a final result that reflected our wishes and preferences.

I was aware of clients who were very good in the trades and Malvine was able to suggest people in areas where I didn’t know anyone with certain skills. It went very smoothly.

Thank you again."

Terry & Valerie R.